fgca_rolla (fgca_rolla) wrote in fgca,

First Announcement

Okay, well temporarily this is FGCA's site. I don't think any of us have the time/resources to deal with an actual site for the time being so bare with us. There is an application for the nujacks to FGCA thrown in the profile. Fill it out and put it behind a cut. Pictures of our rides to come as soon as we all get access to this page. Could take a while, but bare with the process.

Either way we are out of Fort Myers. Most of our drivers are living in Coastal Village so if you're in the area next year stop by and look for the cars. Should be a little car show each and every day.

If any one from FGCU finds this and is interested in helping us get a school sponsored club hit this up with a comment. I figure if they can have a PS2 club they can spare some change for an automotive club that doesn't consist of 'muddin tires.'

Well boys, sign up, get on the streets, and fix your rides up.

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