fgca_xploder (fgca_xploder) wrote in fgca,


Well, the new year is here and we're all back, so let's get this show on the road. I'm working on getting us a faculty sponsor to get us to be a real FGCU club. Also have a few friends that I'm pretty sure will want to join up. I'd like to start at least having some meetings and stuff so we can all meet everyone in us we don't know. Start becoming a real organization here instead of a little dream.

And after taking all things into consideration, I don't think I can buy another slow truck. So chances are I'm gonna get myself a sporty car. Thinkin' a Camarao Z28, as they're reasonably priced. I could get a SRT-4 or something but it'd be a huge amount of money. Gonna look into the insurance first and see how much money I'd like to never see again in the name of speed.
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