fgca_rolla (fgca_rolla) wrote in fgca,

When I got out of work tonight I saw the car that was parked next to me and I was struck with one hell of an idea. It was a brand new white Nissan Maxima. Mike, you've seen Ariel's *name?* Altima. It actually looked pretty decent, and the Maxima looks 20 times better than her base car did. The engine is already decent. We could get one of those bitches going really fast. Just something to ponder.

Its got a 3.5 L 265 HP 6 cylinder engine. Thats not too shabby for a Nissan car.

Here's a link to the picture: http://www.nissanusa.com/vehicles/ModelHomePage/0,9438,120011,00.html

I say we get the school to give us this car to promote FGCA. Classy so it would promote a good image for the school, but still street worthy. Plus, I'd love to smoke a Civic in a Maxima.
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